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MRL Software Information

MRL Software Information

MRL Software was formed in 2016 to develop software to fully employ the significant MSOffice capabilities while simplifying the User Knowledge Required to Use their products. In addition to simplifying MSOffice usage, our goals are to Eliminate Data Base Administration Complexity, Office Development Complexity to better deliver effective software products. MRL Software has Expertise in Software Development (40+ Years), Windows (20+ Years), and MS Office Object Models (10+ Years)

MRL products are build on an enhanced Excel Add-in referred to as DataReporter. DataReporter is an integrated development environment Integrated with Microsoft Office Environment (as an Excel Add-in) to facilitate MSOffice Applications development. It allows the Application developer to Integrates data from multiple sources with advanced data typing and matching (Including Name Lookup) to be maintained within MS Excel. It allows for development of reports using either MSWord of MS PowerPoint and complex Tables and Charts.

MyChurch is a DataReporter Application developed to allow Small to Medium sized churches effectively management the needed Membership functions without the complexity of a full-blown Data Base System or the recurring cost of a Web-based subscription service. It provides capabilities to manage the required data with ability to interact with either individual members or Church groups including Classes, Officiers or ad-hoc events/small groups in a a quick response mode with Email contact or Action Tracking.

MRL has under development several DataReporter Applications including a windows Help file generator, A Web Page Generator, an Image Processing application for the music industry. We are actively seeking vertically integrated product partnering opportunities with experienced software marketing entities to jointly apply the DataReporter technology.


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